Hey! Lookee here! It’s Drew Lewis, the BIG KAHUNA at Lanikai at last weekend’s NAMM show – He gives a great run down to Ukulele Underground on what new ukes are coming out in 2011. They sound fantastic!

If you look closely you’ll see a peek of the giant Lanikai Tiki statue they had there, AND you’ll catch a glimpse of Lani at the top of the video hovering above their heads. 🙂

In case you didn’t know, Lanikai’s are my favorite ukuleles and we’re lucky enough to have them as an exclusive sponsor of the comic! If you’re ever in need of a new uke or a great gift for a friend stop by a Big Kahuna dealer in your area and look at their great in store displays. They seriously are some of the best sounding ukes around! www.lanikaiukes.com