The Big Kahunas have spoken! Congratulations to HILO GREG! Here’s the winning entry! (and here’s the chords so you can play along!)

Greg scored a SWEET LANIKAI LU22CFM “BIG KAHUNA” LIMITED EDITION CONCERT UKULELE & the original custom artwork above for bragging rights! WINNING!!!!

In the end we found ourselves looking for an upbeat entry that was quick and fun that anyone could pick up a uke and play. There were SO many great contributions, it was REALLY hard to narrow down.


Here are the official RUNNERS UP who were really close to taking the prize home. So close in fact the Kahunas have decided to send something special to these runners up!

MICHAEL KOSTAL – Really liked this version, it would make an excellent theme song for an Adult Swim version of the Bigfoot and Tiki Show! Great work Michael!

ORANGE FAT MAN – Went all out with recording background vocals and bass! This one was really good… see how hard this was for us??? UGH!


Losers are Winners too!

The Kahunas at Lanikai and the Tiki Gods are pleased with ALL of the entries and we’d like to send you something a little special for contributing to the contest. If we haven’t emailed you for your address yet, please send it along to us and we’ll ship you something cool in a few weeks (We gotta make it! 🙂 )

If you’d like to check out some of the other entries on Youtube, go there and search for “Bigfoot and Tiki” and you’ll find a bunch!