Is it an early strip!?! nope. It’s a late one. Here’s the update that was supposed to go up last Thursday… BUT… we got hacked!

Yup, little old us. Russian Hackers even! So if you noticed anything wonky with the website, that was the reason!

But never fear, friends! After almost two full days of working on the problem, I kicked all the bad hackers out and battened down the hatches security wise, and I’m happy to report that updates will go on this week uninterrupted! Huzzah!

You might also notice that I spruced up the look and feel a bit, AND I added a nifty “Storyline” menu so you can jump into some of the key storylines that run through the comic here. So, jump in!

PS: If you’re liking Bigfoot and Tiki, feel free to use our new sharing options to tell all your online pals!