Sorry for the delayed updates everybody, I HATE to make excuses, and I didn’t want to be a debbie downer, but wanted to inform you all that our old friend (my best friend) Bob isn’t doing so well and I’ve been making trips up to the Pittsburgh hospital to visit with him. For those Yirmumah fans here that remember him and might be worried, basically he got into a terrible accident while mowing his grandmother’s grass and a rock the size of a grenade blasted into his leg, shattering his leg bone. They did surgery and he seemed fine last week when I visited, but took a turn for the worse with whatever medicines they were giving him, and now he’s stuck in some sort of delirium. It’s been rough to see and deal with personally.

I’m going to do my best to update extra comics to catch up, it’ll also help keep my mind off of this stuff if I throw myself into my work. 🙂 Here’s hoping our old friend gets better. He would have enjoyed today’s Pina Colada strip for multiple reasons old school Yirmumah fans would know. 😉