Welcome to the world of Bigfoot & Tiki. The world’s first sitcom…ic! The story revolves around the “oddest of couples” living together in Big City. First there’s Bigfoot, who grew up as a loner with a wallflower personality. Bigfoot often stood out in a crowd for all the wrong reasons. He was intent on living alone until little Tiki came along, with his laid back, island living lifestyle and “no worries” attitude. Hijinks ensue.


“The Bigfoot and Tiki Show” first appeared in the retired webcomic “YIRMUMAH” by D.J. Coffman as a wacky fictional television show in that universe. The original intent was to mock and pay homage to the old “sitcom” formula of odd couple roommates by coming up with the most absurd and unbelievable pairing ever. The two became fan favorites and at one point almost landed a REAL pilot on a 24hour cartoon channel who shall not be named. 😉

In early 2010, the big kahuna of Lanikai Ukulele envisioned a FUN way to promote their awesome ukes and come up with some unique spokes-characters. While searching for “ukulele comics” on the intergoogle, he discovered Coffman’s old “uke comics” and reached out. Unknown to the big kahuna, Coffman had a strong desire to one day see Bigfoot and Tiki on their own ukulele in the future. And the rest is history!